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The first step is to decide the platform that you'd like to use. OneKontest offers a host of social media promotions, but here are the first options to consider:




Vine / YouTube

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Multi-phase Contests

You can have winners be selected every X hours/days.

Twitter Contests

You can require users to be following one or more accounts before they can enter your promotion. You can also filter users with no profile image and less than 10 followers (usually fake accounts.)

  • #Hashtag Contest - Sample
  • Twitter Photo Contest - Sample
  • Twitter Video Contest
  • #Hashtag Voting Contest
  • Photo Voting Contest - Sample
  • Video Voting Contest
  • @User Voting Contest
  • Twitter Trivia Contest - Sample
  • Twitter Feedback Contest

Voting Contests

Have your users choose between 2 or more #hashtags, photos, videos, Twitter accounts.

Trivia Contests

Ask a trivia question and have the winner(s) picked from the people who answer it correctly.

Feedback Contests

Get feedback about a product or issue. Reward your users for their feedback.


OneKontest is localized to more than 10 languages. And if we don't have your language yet, you can help us get it there soon.

Languages currently available: English, Español, Português, русский, Français, العربية, Latviski, Lietuvių, Bilingual: English / Français, Català, Italiano, Polski, Hrvatski, ελληνικά, Montenegrin

Share and Schedule tweets

You can share your promotions in any social networks and schedule tweets to be sent at pre-determined date/time.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Linked In
  • Pinterest

Export user list at any time

You can export the list of entries in real-time in CSV format.


Embed OneKontest into your website/blog.

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